This prayer for relief and civil servant workers who step in to help following a natural disaster is useful in both praying for their protection and success and also as a prayer of thankfulness for their often heroic and even angelic help when our communities need it the most.

Prayer for Relief Workers and Civil Servants Helping after a Natural Disaster

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray your strength, help and restorative power on members of our National Guard, Coast Guard, firefighters, policemen, utility workers, road crews, municipal workers and aid workers and their families as they go about the huge task of restoring our nation following the latest natural disaster.  May they do their work in safety and determination.  Provide them with the tools and supplies they need.  Thank you for the protection, leadership they provide in times of emergency.  May their efforts be successful in bringing stability and livability after destruction and chaos.   And when their task is completed, grant them rest, knowledge of our deep gratitude and a sense of accomplishment at a job well done.  Amen.

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