Dear Jesus, We thank you that you have such love and compassion for those with physical challenges. Thank you that when you walked this earth you often heard their cries and stopped in the middle of teaching the crowds to reach out and give individuals the healing touch of your attention, words of encouragement and presence. Jesus, you know that our friends with challenges want to live independent lives where they are able to follow their dreams and contribute their gifts and service to the community. Bless them with the means to support themselves. We pray for the multiplication of ministries, businesses and individuals who see the value of our friends. Help us all to look past outward appearances to see the gifted, wonderful sons and daughters of our Father who have so much to offer the world. May we all be blessed by their courage and help us to honor their faith and dependence on you by placing our own faith and dependence as strongly on you. May your loving, gracious will be done in their lives. Amen.

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