This prayer for strength can be used any time you need God’s strength. 

I remember growing up with two rowdy younger brothers who always seemed to be wrestling with each other, knocking things over, hollering at the top of their lungs. My mother used to sigh, “Dear Lord, give me strength!” She said it out of resignation, not so much as a real prayer.  But when I think of it, what better prayer is there?

Prayer for Strength

Lord, I’ve been thinking about strength a lot lately. Boy, do we humans need some! Not just the kind you get from working out in the gym, although that’s important.  I’m talking about mental and emotional strength as well — to get me through the rigors of everyday life. 

Just living day-to-day is hard enough, but when life throws me a curve and turns my world upside down, what then? What if I feel unprepared, Lord, weak, unable to cope?

I thank you that there is no better prayer than “Dear Lord, give me strength.”  Because truly, my strength must come from you, Lord. Faith in You, belief in Your goodness and unfailing love for me must be the source of my strength.

So dear God, give me strength to cope with whatever comes my way.

Help me to remember that no matter what happens, you are with me.

Whatever power I possess — to cope, to persevere, to overcome – flows from You. Thank you, Lord, for being strong when I am weak.


About this prayer

It seems like all I’ve heard lately is bad news. A classmate’s grown son, in the prime of his life, died from pneumonia. A neighbor’s sweet wife was diagnosed with dementia. A relative’s young son continues to grapple with chronic illness. The son of a work associate was diagnosed with colon cancer. A friend’s wife left him and wants a divorce. My dearest childhood friend is facing breast cancer surgery and radiation. I’m heartsick about all these troubles. And “I’m praying for you,” just doesn’t seem like enough. But it’s mostly what I can do right now.

Recently my husband Jeff gave me a bracelet inscribed with the words, “Unexpected Strength.” I wear it every day. Somehow, I feel like it gives me power to cope with whatever comes my way. I have to believe God will send unexpected strength to my friends and loved ones who are facing tough times. I can’t help but think of the words from “Jesus Loves Me” — They are weak, but He is strong.

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