This Prayer for Families Expecting a Rainbow Baby will help you receive God’s hope and strength to balance the joy and anxiety of expecting again after a pregnancy loss or baby loss.  It helps honor the lost angel baby while anticipating the new life of the baby on the way.

Prayer for Families Expecting a Rainbow Baby After a Pregnancy Loss or Baby Loss

Dear Lord, we are rejoicing with the news that our family is expecting a Rainbow Baby. Our devastation and grief after the loss of our Angel Baby has held a grip on us; it has been difficult to face the future with any feeling other than despair. But now, the anticipation of a new life renews hope within us. We know this miracle comes from You and we are so grateful.

Our joy in expectation is tempered with anxiety, Lord. What if something goes wrong with our Rainbow Baby? It has happened before. It’s hard to not be afraid. Please calm our fears during this time of waiting. Help us to focus on the safe arrival of our newest family member and the healing it will bring to our broken hearts. When our fears threaten to overtake us, hold us close and reassure us as only You can do.

Please take away any feeling of guilt or betrayal of our Angel Baby when our Rainbow Baby arrives. Help us to understand it is possible to acknowledge the baby we lost as we celebrate the baby who lives. We promise to continue to honor our Angel Baby, whose spirit lives on in our Rainbow Baby. Dear God, sometimes our lives are disrupted by terrible darkness of storms, but in Your wisdom and goodness, you send us rainbows. Help us to remember that the storms of life are temporary, but You, Lord, are eternal. We praise You for the gift of our Rainbow Baby.


About This Rainbow Baby Prayer

My son Brent and his wife Erin were eagerly anticipating the birth of their baby boy, a brother for their two daughters. Erin’s pregnancy was progressing normally when she went into labor at 29 weeks. Due to a prolapsed cord, their precious son Welles was stillborn. Erin and Brent’s grief, as well as the sorrow of all who knew and loved them, was profound. How could this have happened to such a loving, wonderful couple?

About a year after Welles had passed, Erin told my husband Jeff and me that she was expecting. She and Brent were delighted and so were we. But as I thought of the months ahead, fear and doubt crept in. Would this baby be premature also? My joy faded and worry took its place. On my knees, I beseeched God to protect Erin and the baby and to be with them during the pregnancy and birth. I felt Him whisper that He would.

Because Erin had experienced one premature birth, she was at high risk for another. Her doctor referred her to a specialist and both doctors kept a close eye on her. The threat of miscarriage loomed in the early weeks. Later Erin developed gestational diabetes and endured several  infections. She had barely entered her third trimester when she began having contractions. Several frantic trips to the ER followed, with medications successfully halting the contractions. Through it all, God remained faithful. I felt His promise that this sweet Rainbow Baby would be all right.

At 31 weeks, the baby’s delivery couldn’t be delayed any longer. Betty Olivia, named for her great-grandmothers, was born, weighing 4 pounds, 1 ounce. Tiny but strong, she stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 4 weeks. When Betty came home, the cheering of family and friends could be heard for miles! Betty is now 8 months old and thriving. She smiles often, cries infrequently, and embodies the spirit of her Angel brother Welles. Every day, we thank God for our amazing Rainbow Baby, God’s gift to us all. 

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