This prayer for college students and colleges and universities can be used by anyone who has a concern for loved ones in college or for colleges and universities as they pursue their mission to educate and shape our young adults.  It can also be used by ministries to college students and can be prayed over care packages for college students.

Prayer for College Students and Colleges and Universities   

Dear Father, Today I thank you for all of our colleges and universities and I especially pray for __________________ college/university which you have put on my heart to pray for today.   And I pray particularly for the following college student ______________.   I pray that each student will have the opportunity to grow and develop spiritually as well as intellectually.  May the campus be free from barriers and prejudices against faith based organizations and may these organizations thrive and grow and bring many into a mature understanding of you.  I specifically lift up this organization_____________________________

I thank you for the new freedoms that campus life gives to students, but I also pray for protection from the problems caused by using freedom to develop personal and moral habits that are unhealthy.  I particularly pray about the following temptations faced by college students________________

I pray for the professors and administrators of our colleges.  May they not only be wise in their area of specialty, but also give them spiritual wisdom.  Give them the courage to live out their faith in an atmosphere which is often skeptical of faith.  I pray for the following professors ____________________

It has been said that the duty of youth is to question.  I know that everyone must come to a point where they personally own their faith instead of relying on their upbringing.  I pray for those students who are questioning their faith today and may be redefining themselves as “agnostic” or “socio humanitarian.”   Please give them _____________________    I also pray for those students who continue to believe but who have gotten out of the habit of attending church or religious meetings.  Please give them ___________________________.    And I thank you for those who are courageously living their faith and displaying their faith on campus.  Please give them ___________________________.

Most of all, I pray for spiritual revival on campus.  May your mighty hand move and may the Holy Spirit be felt with unmistakable power in a way that changes many lives today as well as many future careers and future marriages tomorrow.

I pray this in the name of our Creator, whose wisdom surpasses all human knowledge and understanding, Amen.

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