This prayer for a job will help you receive God’s help and direction as you search for the right job.

Prayer for a Job

Dear Lord, you know my needs, even before I speak them. You know that I need work to support myself, my family, and to fulfill the potential you have blessed me with. I pray, Lord, that you provide a career opportunity that will bring me financial blessings, utilization of my gifts and talents, and the opportunity to bless others.

Thank you, Lord, for preparing me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for the work You are planning for me. Thank you for past work experiences, life experiences, and education that have helped me grow and develop my talents.

Thank you for blessing me with physical health and stamina, and I pray that you continue to keep me in good health and increase my energy as I seek the career path you would have me follow.

Please show me how to use the gift of every day to grow more dependent on you for each day’s needs. Help to draw closer to you, gaining strength and wisdom from your Word in Scripture, from my prayer time with you, and from my fellowship with other believers.

Keep me from the negative thoughts that engender feelings of fear and hopelessness. These things are not from you, Lord. Lead me, instead, to focus on your promises found in Jeremiah 29:11, that you have plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future.

Forgive me, Lord, if there is any pride preventing me from accepting a job that I feel is too lowly for my talents. Help me remember that all honest, respectable work can be a vehicle for serving you and blessing others. Let me not feel that any job is beneath me.

Help me to view each day’s work as an opportunity to assist my employers, to improve the work environment, to learn more, and to serve you. Give me a humble heart and a willingness to learn new skills if necessary.

Help me not to envy those who earn more, attain higher positions, or work in jobs that I would like to have. Help me, instead, to derive my self-worth from being your beloved child.

Help me to recognize additional ways of serving you and others, even while I am not working in a paid job.

If I  find work that I don’t particularly enjoy, help me to be disciplined enough to work as hard as I can, to overcome negative attitudes, and to find ways of producing fruit for your kingdom in whatever environment you place me in. Give me the confidence and joy that comes from knowing you will expand and enhance my opportunities as you expand and enhance my readiness to receive them.

Let me find joy and comfort in placing my hope for the future in your hands, believing as Scripture tells us in Romans 8:28  that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose.”


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