Prayer by Phillip Yancey

Published by Zondervan

Description: Philip Yancey asks and answers many of the important questions about prayer. The subtitle is “Does it make a difference?” Here are the main divisions of the book. “Keeping Company with God” explores what prayer is. Unraveling the mysteries” asks such questions as “What difference does it make?” “Does prayer change God?” “The Language of Prayer” explores how we express ourselves. “Prayer Dilemmas” treats common prayer problems such as “Unanswered prayer, whose fault it it?” and “Prayer and physical healing.” The final section deals with “The Practice of Prayer.”
Yancey approaches his subject with Biblical insights, personal experiences and stories from other sources that illustrate each idea.

Added by Karen Barber on July 4, 2011

Reviews: This book is one of my all time favorites of Yancey. It really challenged me to wrestle with my prayer life and with my faith. It re-assured me I do not have to be a monk to have a thriving and intimate prayer life. I love his discussion of David’s prayers in the Psalms and the cathartic nature of them.   by LoveBeingaDad