Name: Prayer 101 by Elaine Helms

Prayer Category
How to pray

Published by New Hope Publishers

Elaine Helms uses her experience as a prayer leader with the North American Mission Board of the Baptist church to explain the basics of prayer to those who would like to become skilled intercessors whom God hears and answers. She first goes through the Christian basis for prayer through our position in Christ, then tells of the different parts of prayers such as adoration, confession, thanksgiving and confession that enable us to be in a close prayer relationship with God. She also covers listening to God, enjoying God in prayer, spiritual warfare and putting prayer into action through specific prayer ideas such as “Shield a Badge” praying for our law enforcement officers and other ideas for personal and group prayer.

Review: Elaine created an incredibly powerful intercessory prayer ministry Johnson Ferry Baptist church before going on to lead seminars all over the country. She combines her practical experience with very sound Biblical teaching that gives us confidence in our own prayers. Her book is a good guidebook especially for those who want to start an intercessory prayer group at their church.
Added by Karen Barber on July 4, 2011