When you say your prayers to God, would you like to be able to pray with power and effectiveness?  Here are Bible verses that have Biblical prayers of Abraham, Elijah, David, Solomon, Hannah, Jesus and Ananias that can help us pray  boldly and effectively for God’s will and work in our lives and our world.

Praying like Abraham about widespread sin in our society.


Abraham interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah–Genesis18:17-33.

Pray for our large inner-cities of America and around the world that its sin and ungodly influence would be a subject of intense prayer for God to influence them for good.

Praying like Elijah for a way that unbelievers will see God’s hand at work.

Elijah prays for rain after a three-and-one-half year drought–I Kings 18:41-46.

Prayer can make the impossible possible. It is a testimony of faith to an unbeliever.

Praying like David about our dependency on God.

David prays in the Psalms–Psalm 55:16-17.

Dependency upon God is a must everyday and at all times.

Praying sincerely like Solomon.


Solomon praying at the Temple dedication–II Chronicles 6:1-42; 7:1-2.

God honors sincere prayers and accepts the offering of our hearts.

Praying like Hannah about God’s purposes for our family’s future.


Hannah praying for a child and receiving young Samuel–I Samuel 1:9-20.

God answers prayers that have a divine destiny and purpose for the future.

Praying like Jesus for strength to complete God’s work.


Jesus’ prayers at Gethsemene and at the Cross of Calvary–Luke 22:39-46; Luke 23:34; Luke 23:43; Luke 23:46.

Jesus prayed for strength to do God’s Will and also to forgive and complete the work of the Cross God ordained for him to finish. Our prayers should contain the same dedication and supplication to enable us to finish the task.

Praying like Ananias when God leads us to do something that we don’t currently understand.


Ananias praying for the future apostle Paul to receive his sight–Acts 9:8-18.

You never know when God may have you do a task that you don’t understand and that will yield fantastic results for the future to others.

Copyright Joe Hethcoat 2011