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When someone needs a daily “dose” of comforting prayer, making a personalized pill box daily prayer gift for them offers great encouragement even when you are miles apart.  Those who might enjoy such a gift include the ill, bereaved and those going through difficult life situations.

What is a Prayer Pill Box?

A Prayer Pill Box is a pill box (designed to hold one week’s worth of pills or vitamins—found at any drugstore) in which slips of paper with a prayer are placed in each compartment.

 Why should you use a Prayer Pill Box?

A Prayer Pill Box is a great way to encourage someone every day for 1 week.

Where do you use a Prayer Pill Box?

A Prayer Pill Box is small enough to send with someone to the mission field, to the hospital, with someone off to college, or just to give to someone to take home.

 Who can use this Prayer Pill Box project?

Anyone who prays! This activity is great for children as well as adults to use.

When can you use a Prayer Pill Box?

  • when you are praying for someone going through a difficult time (i.e., someone facing sickness, divorce, final exams, a job search, caring for an aging parent, or the death of a loved one).
  • when you are praying for a mission team
  • when you want to bless someone with your prayers

How do you use a Prayer Pill Box?

(1) Decide who needs to be encouraged through prayer. (2) Purchase a plastic pill box. With ample compartments. (3) Cut strips of paper that when rolled up will fit into the compartments. (4) Write out seven prayers, encouragements, and/or Scriptures on the slips of paper, one prayer for each day of the week, and then roll up each slip to put in a compartment of the pill box. (5) Present the pill box to the person you desire to encourage and tell them to take out the slip of paper for each particular day of the week. (6) Pray each day during the week.

Background Scriptures:

In the Old Testament, the prophets and kings would pray very specific prayers in regards to what they were facing or what was going on in the nation of Israel at that particular time. In the New Testament, the early Christians often received letters from the church leaders to encourage them in their Christian faith. In Paul’s letters to the different churches, he prayed very specific prayers, depending on what was going on in the life of the church at the time of his letter. Examples include: Ephesians 1:16-17; Philippians 1:3-11; Colossians 1:3-14.

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