Paths to Prayer by Patricia D.Brown

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How to Pray

Published by Jossey-Bass

This book not only offers 40 different Christian prayer practices that will appeal to a variety of personality types, but it also has a personal quiz to take to determine which of her four prayer styles best describes you. These types include searching prayer (those high on intellectual skills and using knowledge), experiential prayer (enjoying celebrating life’s moments and applying faith to all aspects of your life), relational prayer (in touch with emotions and with other people) and innovative prayer (enjoy new insights, creativity, novelty.)

Patricia then recommends some of the 40 prayer practices listed in the book for each of these four types. She covers a wide array of prayer practices, such as praying with Icons, praying the Scriptures, fasting, centering prayer, prayer walks, and bodily postures in prayer.

Added by Karen Barber on July 4, 2011