Location Name
Orthodox Cathedral in Timisoara Romania

Street Address
Freedom Square

Timisoara, Romania

Type of Prayer Place

You are called to reverence the moment you see the Cathedral’s distinctive collection of towers above the treetops or skyline of the city. Inside you find a large expanse of beautifully tiled floor without pews or chairs. Above your head is a central dome with stained glass windows and up front is a magnificent altar area painted with icons where several short steps are used for prayer. In the center of the room is a central station and I noticed people kissing an object. Not being Orthodox or knowing Romanian, I wasn’t sure about the meaning of it. There are incredible chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling and every wall is ornately decorated.

How I used this place of prayer
I was on a mission trip and a Romanian Baptist minister took us on a walking tour to explain his eye witness account of the 1989 Romanian uprising against Communist dictator Nicolea Ceausescu which lead to the overthrow of the dictator and the rise of a new, non-communist government. These church grounds where many protestors gathered during December of that year – and where many died over a period of several days before the protest spread the rest of Romania. Hearing him speak and seeing the wooden monument on the corner of the church property as well as the wreathes and plaques on the outside walls of the church made the spot seem doubly sacred.

After hearing the eye-witness account, we entered the church and I went to front altar steps area and knelt for a brief moment of prayer for the flourishing of Christianity in Romania.

capture-romania-3Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
No admission

Personal Tips
There is a small gift shop in the vesitbule.

Added by Karen Barber on July 3, 2011