Every year a National Prayer Breakfast is held in Washington, DC so that our country’s leaders can join together in prayer for the U.S.  Although attendance at this event is by invitation only, we can join our leaders by praying that God’s spirit will move in a powerful way at this gathering.  Here is a prayer for you to cover the National Prayer Breakfast in prayer.

National Prayer Breakfast Prayer

Dear God of all nations, we pray that your presence and Holy Spirit will be with the leaders of the U.S. who are attending the annual National Prayer Breakfast. We thank you for those in Congress and in other leadership roles who know the value of prayer and who are willing to gather together to pray.  May this gathering be a place of fellowship, inspiration, empowerment and encouragement.  May our leaders join in one mind and in one spirit in prayer to You.   May their prayers bring us closer to being one nation under God as we seek your direction for our country and our world.  We pray that those who attend will feel in a very real way your presence.  May they hear and store up your Word from the Scriptures.  And may they leave with a renewed sense of dependence on You, an ability to see things through Your eyes, and a heart to serve You as they serve our country.  Amen.

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