In this prayer Tracy Groover helps us express the fiercely protective love and undying support we feel for our children especially during the times when we are completely helpless and powerless to fix our children’s problems.

The story behind this prayer

Tracy Groover composed this prayer when her son Joey was two and a half years old and  had just been diagnosed with Autism.  On this particular afternoon Tracy’s husband was out of town and she was all alone at home during Joey’s nap time.  Tracy had just finished reading a book on Autism and was overwhelmed by the thought that Joey’s ability to interact with those around him in the world might be nonexistent.  She thought, “He may never speak.  He may not ever feel emotion.”  Suddenly Tracy’s strong protective love for her son was stirred up as she thought, “If he can’t do this, I’ll do it for him.”  Tracy sat down at her desk and took out a pen and paper and began to write this prayer poem.

As the words poured out, Tracy was overcome with the sense that the words flowing onto the paper were being both addressed to her son and also somehow at the same time addressed to her as God speaking directly to her as a parent in great need of divine help beyond her own strength.

Here is Tracy’s prayer poem.  Let your strong parental love flow through you as you pray this for your child.  Then re-read it to yourself as God’s own personally comforting words for you as you go about the often difficult but always eternally rewarding job of being a parent.

~ My Little Hero ~


if you cannot speak with words

reach out your hand

my voice is yours


if you cannot comprehend

look into my eyes

i will explain it simply


if the world turns on you

come to me

we will stand together


if you feel afraid and alone

 in a darkness

where no one can reach you

or understand

know that i am here

to calm your fright

bring light in

and hold you until

you have the strength

to return to me…


never leave you

never let you fall too far

never allow the fear

to chase you beyond me…


if you cannot see me

reach out your heart

mine will answer

without a word

with only a look

i will defend

and i am not afraid

of the monster

lurking under that bed

or in that closet…


this road is tough enough

i want you to know

you are never alone-

i am always here…

Copyright Tracy Groover 2011 all rights reserved