One of the best Mother’s Day gifts is the gift of prayer.  Here is a prayer for you to thank your mother or someone who has acted as a mother in your life through their love and care.  Have a happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day Prayer 

Dear God, We thank you for our mothers and those who have acted as mothers by nurturing us and caring for us.  Thank you that they were our comforters, advocates, cheerleaders, nurses, teachers and  our guardian angels during childhood.

As they quietly set aside their own wants and needs to tend to ours we weren’t aware that we were witnessing a touchable miracle.  As they poured their time into our daily care we didn’t make the connection between our mothers and the profoundly beautiful statement Jesus made that there is no greater love than laying down our lives for those we love.

Thank you that our mothers never weighed the mental, physical and emotional costs of nurturing us as too high a price to pay. We are overwhelmed that we received this free gift of love that in turn freed us to grow and mature and thrive.

We know that we did nothing to earn our mother’s love.  They simply loved us because we were their own dear child.  Since we can never repay them, we simply lift them up to You with hearts full of gratitude and we pray that you will bless them with all the good things they deserve.  Help us your children in turn become the ones who instinctively know how to express our love and appreciation to our mothers in ways that will uniquely warm and refresh their hearts and souls.

You say in your Word that every good gift comes from above.  And so we thank you, dear Lord, that in the mysterious economy of your Kingdom that when you sent us down from heaven into our mother’s waiting arms you sent our mothers to earth to become Your arms to comfort and cradle a hurting world.


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