This mental illness education and support prayer can be used during Mental Health awareness Week or Month or at other times to ask for God’s help in the way we respond as a community to the needs of those with mental illness. Those with mental illness often suffer secretly because of the lack of awareness in the community that mental illness is widespread, treatable and has genetic and situational causes like physical illness. This prayer can be used by an individual, a group or a church.

Mental Illness Understanding and Recovery Prayer

Hendersonville reunion 035Dear Creator of Us All, we come to you asking for help, hope and encouragement for our world in the arena of mental illness and recovery. We pray that you will enlighten our minds with understanding and enliven our hearts with love and compassion.

We pray for those who secretly suffer. We pray that you will remove the barriers of cultural stigma, fear and misinformation that inhibit our suffering brothers and sisters from seeking the support of our communities and churches. Help us to become better educated and better equipped to care for those encountering mental illness as we use the same healing graces that we employ to help and support those encountering other types of illnesses.

Empower us with the tools of prayer, friendship, moral support and hospitality. Open the doors of our homes, schools, churches, places of employment and institutions to embrace and accommodate the special needs associated with mental illness.

Help us celebrate the talents, gifts and courage of those who are challenged by mental illness. May we learn from them great lessons of perseverance as they follow their hopes and dreams for meaningful relationships, employment and a desire to serve and make a difference in our world.

May we come alongside them to support them in their hours of deepest darkness and greatest need. May we learn how to offer our help in ways that preserve and uphold the independence and dignity of each human being as uniquely and wonderfully made by our Loving Creator.

Enable those in the mental healthcare arena to continually add to our knowledge of effective treatments, therapy and education. We pray for accessibility to good mental health care for those of every age and in all geographical areas. We pray for our police forces, court systems, military and schools that they might enact helpful policies for referring those with mental illness to the sources of help that they need. We also pray for our government and legislatures that they will pass laws and ordinances that will promote good mental health policies and fund effective programs. And we pray for our charitable organizations and churches that they may embrace their unique role in providing for the emotional and spiritual needs of those with mental illness.

We pray all of these things to you, Our Great Physician and Source of all enlightenment, hope and love. Amen.

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