Living and Praying in Jesus’ Name by Dick Eastman and Jack Hayford

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How to pray

Published by Tyndale House

This book offers 31 chapters that each explore a different name given to our Lord and how experiencing and praying this part of His character that the name expresses can help us truly pray “In Jesus’s Name.” Each chapter treats a specific Bible passage that names the Lord, the Divine characteristic that it embodies, how to live this name, how to pray this name, a prayer to use incorporating this name and characteristic of the Lord. Each chapter concludes with a section called “Hallowing this name” which lists additional scriptures on the character of the Lord that will help readers praise and thank the Lord for who He is. Sample names include “A Wall of Fire,” “A Great Light,” “The Head of the Body,” “The Lifter up of My head” and “The Bread of Life.”

Review: I did this book a few years back in a small study group. Before reading this book I was unaware of all of the names of our Lord that can be found in Scripture and how each one helps us pray with confidence knowing that whatever our need or situation, we can name a characteristic of the Lord that addresses our need. For instance, here is something I highlighted in Chapter 10 “The Brightness of His Glory” based on Hebrews 1:3. The authors tell us that glory is “That which exceeds or excels.” Since Christ wants to bring us into His glory the author states, “He wants to give us the capacity to obtain what has seemed unapproachable and unattainable.” They go on to contrast the peace, grace and goodness of Christ’s glory with our human efforts that fall short such as perfectionism, criticism and competition. The prayer that ends this chapter begins, “There seem to be so many times I am swallowed up the discouraging sense of my own second-ratedness…

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