Have you ever tried fasting and prayer?  In the past I haven’t really made fasting a regular part of my  prayer life, but when I have, I’ve found that fasting is effective in helping me remember the things that I need God’s help in handling.

Skipping breakfast

Recently I was fasting because I had a serious prayer concern for someone.  I skipped breakfast and ate lunch at my normal time.  That’s not a long fast, but if you even try a short one, it can be useful in your prayer life.

During my morning fast, I didn’t eat any food, but I did have several cups of hot tea.  That morning I then spent some extra time in prayer and meditation.

Journaling my thoughts

I wrote about my prayer concern in my journal.  Then I wrote a prayer to God afterwards.  As I was journaling, I had a new idea about how to approach the problems of the person I’m worried about.  The idea was going to require me doing a 45 minute drive through traffic once a week to pray near their home.  Did I really want to commit to do such a thing?

Hearing from God

This gave me a new reason to pray!  I had to admit to God my reluctance to spend so much time and effort on this prayer concern.  God knows about my tendencies to not step out of my comfort zone and not change my daily routine, so I had to ask him to help me commit to try it out.

I suppose this prayer process might have taken place without skipping breakfast.  But it did seem to add something.  Maybe a little physical hunger  telegraphed to my mind and spirit how concerned I was about this request and my hunger helped me be a little more willing to act on the idea God sent me.

The article that helped me learn how to do fasting and prayer  

If you want to know how to fast, why to fast, the types of fasting, how long to fast and scriptures on fasting, you’ll find the information you’re looking for in this easy to read article Fasting and Prayer How To. 

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