Three key prayers to grow in faith are learning how to listen to God, learning how to feel God’s presence when we feel alone, and learning how to reflect God’s glory in all we do. Here are three powerful prayers that will help you grow in faith written by inspirational author Evelyn Bence.

Listening to God

Lord God, I turn off the television, the phone, the computer, and quiet my heart in Your presence. I’m so used to the noise, the distraction, the electronic buzz, that it’s hard for me to sit in silence. But here I am, for a few moments wanting to focus on my relationship with You. Uninterrupted. I’m listening, Lord, or at least I’m trying. I’m listening.

When I feel alone

Lord, sometimes I’m with a group and I still feel lonely. When this happens, give me a smile for someone else who might be struggling to fit in. Then remind me that I am never alone; You are at my side, to comfort and guide.

Reflecting God’s glory

Lord, Your Word says that we can be the “aroma of Christ” (2 Cor. 2:15). Show me what that means for me today, as I carry out my responsibilities—at home, in my neighborhood, at my workplace, with my faith community—and also as I delight in leisure or play. May all that I do reflect Your glory, Lord Christ. Amen.

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