Use this International Women’s Day Prayer in groups or in your personal prayers to celebrate the contributions of women and to pray for God’s freedom for all women.

International Women’s Day Prayer

Dear God our Creator,,

We thank you for all women across the globe.

We celebrate their strengths and accomplishments and pray for the day when every woman will be treated with honor and dignity.

We pray that all women will be blessed with economic opportunity, access to education, the ability to choose their life path, religious freedom, and the right to vote.  Protect them from exploitation, discrimination and repression. 

We thank you for the women who were pioneers in all arenas of life – in art, science, business, education, literature, sports, military, farming, religion, medicine, industry and politics   We are indebted to them for their perseverance in opening the doors of opportunity for those who came after them.

We gratefully acknowledge the role of women in our families and societies, those who have nurtured us, guided us, taught us, loved us and protected us. 

We embrace the powerful role models of strong women in the Bible.  We thank you that Mary said yes to your plans for the redemption of the world by saying yes to becoming the mother of Jesus even though it would bring her shame and reproach. And we thank you for honoring all women by choosing women to be the first witnesses of the resurrection of Christ in a culture where women’s testimonies were not valued.    

We prayer your continued blessing on all women.  And we pray for the women in our lives.  May they reach their full potential in faith and their full potential in life. 


About This International Women’s Day Prayer

International Women’s Day is celebrated yearly on March 8 and was officially instituted by the United Nations in 1975.  The day celebrates women around the globe by celebrating their achievements and raising awareness for equality. 

The day has its roots in 1908 when women in New York in the garment industry went on strike for improved working conditions and the right to vote.  This led to the movement for women’s rights across the globe and the eventual granting of voting rights for women in the U.S.    

Around the world it is celebrated in different ways, ranging from women celebrating their friendships or with demonstrations for equal rights and pay.

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