What is an Intercessory Prayer Group?

An Intercessory Prayer Group is a group of Christians who meet together to pray together for God’s Kingdom purposes and for His will to be carried out in the lives of His people, His church, and throughout the world. They pray for prayer requests that come from a variety of sources. The primary focus is on praying for the needs of those beyond the group members. Most groups have a broad agenda, but some have a more specialized focus, such as praying for our military, missions, law enforcement officers, an individual church, or a particular ministry.

Why start an Intercessory Prayer Group?

1.  You are called by God to do so.

2.  It is obedience to scripture.

3.  To advance the Kingdom of God in the world.

4.  The power of prayer is multiplied.

5.  It creates accountability.

Where does an Intercessory Prayer Group happen?

A group can meet at a church, in a home, at a workplace, over a telephone conference call, via an internet chat, or any other private location.

Who can start and/or participate in an Intercessory Prayer Group?

Anyone that the Holy Spirit calls can start and/or participate in such a group. One must have pure motives for being in the Intercessory Prayer Group and be able to practice confidentiality.

When does an Intercessory Prayer Group meet?

The group meets at a time convenient to all those involved and called to be a part of the ministry: very early morning, morning, over the lunch hour, afternoon, or evenings.

How do you start an Intercessory Prayer Group?

1.  Pray

  • to confirm God’s calling to start an Intercessory Prayer Group
  • for God to raise up laborers for the ministry with a pure heart
  • for discernment as to who to invite to partner with you
  • for God to put all the necessary details into place

2.  Write a purpose statement for the Intercessory Prayer Group.

3.  Identify a leader (this may or may not be the initiator of the group).

4.  Set Guidelines

  • covenant of confidentiality
  • set boundaries as to topics and/or types of requests

5.  Determine the place and the time to meet together to pray.

6.  Practice Strategic Praying. Have a plan for the flow of the prayer time.

7.   Keep a Prayer Journal of the requests and the answers. This gives glory and praise             to God’s workings and teaches us His ways.

8.  The leader should be a shepherd/shepherdess to the members.

9.  Persevere through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Tips / Notes: 

  • If not meeting in person (i.e., praying together through a conference call), occasionally gather together in person, if geographically possible, in order to build relationships and to fellowship.
  • In order to spend the time together in actual prayer (and not just talking about prayer requests), random conversation and the time used for the sharing of  requests during the prayer meeting must be gently but firmly controlled by the leader.

Background Scriptures:

2 Chronicles 7:14

Matthew 18:19-20

John 17 (Jesus’ intercession for us)

Acts 1:13-14; 2:42; 12:5 (the early church)

James 5:16

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