Here’s an active prayer method for making your driving time count by turning your daily time on the road into a prayer drive.  I developed this idea of praying in my car while driving on my way home from work late at night when I worked the swing shift. This can be adapted to other times as well, depending on traffic.

How to do this prayer practice: 

0381. Ask God to bring to mind people you know who can use your prayers.

We all have folks that just seem to pop into our heads. Perhaps it’s the Spirit nudging to purposefully pray for them on a regular basis. Also, we all have knowledge of a certain person or family is going through a very rough patch, and we don’t need a nudging to know they need prayers.  We may want to pray for them, but can’t seem to find a way to fit prayers into our day. Not only is time a problem, but also, sometimes it’s hard to pray when you’re sitting still, especially if your mind races while you try to pray quietly in a sedentary position.

2.  Make a driving route that passes by the homes of people you want to remember in prayer. 

One option is to plan a time to drive by their homes, and work out a short “route”, if these people live near you. You don’t necessarily need to drive right in front of their home; you could just drive by the street that leads into their neighborhood. As you drive your route, begin to offer prayers of thanks aloud that God is there, listening, and that He cares for you and the folks you’re praying for. As you come to a home on your route, slow down or stop (if it’s late at night or early in the dark morning) and simply talk to God about why you’re praying for them and what you are asking of Him on their behalf.

On my main route were several families I knew were experiencing marital troubles and some of whom were even considering divorce. I prayed (actually pleaded) on their behalf, asking God to cover their home with angels of protection while driving the enemy out of their camp. I prayed for soft hearts in each spouse, and for the tender hearts of the children to be protected. I’m sure the more you know about each family, the easier it is to pray for them.

As you continue to drive to the next home, God will bring other people of similar circumstances to your mind, and you can pray for them as well. Perhaps you will see a familiar home along the route and you can pray for them while you pass. Continue this as you complete your drive, and as you return to your own home, pray for what you and your family needs. Don’t forget to give thanks!

3.     Pray during your routine daily drives for those you know whose homes are nearby. 

I know, you’re thinking, “How in the world am I going to fit a prayer drive in my busy schedule?” (The next time insomnia hits, there’s your opportunity!) If your schedule doesn’t allow for a drive like this, try this second option. Actively note the homes of people on your heart and mind that you’re passing as you run your daily carpooling and grocery shopping errands, and pray for them along the way. You may be amazed at the number of streets you pass that lead to the homes of your friends, and those streets can serve as a trigger to offer prayers for them. My list of families to pray for grew over time, and eventually my drive time (i.e., prayer time!) became longer and richer. All that is necessary for a prayer drive to be purposeful and fruitful is an awareness of who lives nearby.

4.    Trust that those driving prayers “count.”

Sometimes, we feel like our prayers don’t “count” unless we are in church, or at least sitting quietly with our heads bowed. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 states, “Never stop praying”, meaning, pray as often as you can. Well, if we felt we had to have our eyes closed and head bowed to pray, we could not pray often and get anything done. God loves it when we pray as if we are having a conversation with Him, and honestly, many times I feel like I do a better job of that with my eyes open on a prayer drive.

One of my favorite music groups is the Lost Dogs (I’m sure you’ve heard of them, right?) and they have a great song titled, “Pray Where You Are”. Part of the chorus goes like this:

“…at work or school or driving in your car, pray where you are.”

So, now you have permission to pray while driving in your car, and it “counts”, too!

Copyright Greg Griffin 2012  All rights reserved.