It’s common to have trouble praying while grieving.  Author Donna Teti shares a remarkable prayer idea to help feel God’s presence during grief in this stunning poem that tells how she “has coffee with Jesus.”  Donna was inspired by a vivid image of Christ’s presence with her during the morning “coffee time” that she often spent with her of twin sister before her sister’s sudden death.   Donna explains:

“My identical twin sister Sue died suddenly of a stroke just nine days before our 42nd birthday. We lived in the same town so we met for coffee often in the mornings at either Sue’s house, mine or sometimes a coffee shop or park. We shared our concerns, joys, faith and ideas.  After she passed I remained faithful to God and to Suzy…I talked  with Him often…but in the mornings after the children went to school was my Suzy time! There I sat in my beautiful blue family room where Suzy  and I sat so often. Only now I drank my coffee alone. I was so grief-stricken! During this time I’d share with Sue my fears,grief, joys and concerns…just like before. Many mornings I ended our coffee time in tears. One day while I was “talking’ to her and very sad  I felt a message come to my heart…Suzy seemed to tell me “Donna it’s not just me here with you in the mornings having coffee…Jesus is here too..don’t forget that. He is here for you.”

Donna has shared this poem with hundreds of those who are grieving and is currently working on a project to make it available in book form.

Having Coffee with Jesus               

 Each morning as I awake

Sadness floods my heart again

So I pour a cup of coffee and pray

My heart will start to mend


On this particular morning

As my grief began to soar

I went to get the paper

And found Jesus at my door


As He entered through the doorway

Sunlight covered every wall

When He smiled and looked me in the eyes

He stirred my very soul


He thought that I could use a friend

Who knew sorrow and knew pain

He saw that I was grieving

And that is why He came


Jesus knew that I was hurting

And feeling life was quite unfair

And He knew I spent each morning

With good coffee and good prayer


Jesus wanted me to know

In that early morning hour

He was there to share with me

His gentle healing power


He felt that it was important for me

To see Him face to face

Sometimes we need to be engulfed

In a strong and warm embrace


As He wrapped His hug around me

His love through me did flow

Then He asked to sit with me awhile

And have a cup of Joe


As I poured His cup of coffee

I had so much on my mind

Yet He knew what I was thinking

And He answered, she is fine


He told me she is here with me

Each morning while in prayer

She continues to love and care for me

Each day throughout the year


He tried to answer questions

Though the mysteries could not be told

But He asked that I just trust in Him

For someday they would unfold


As we sat and drank our coffee

I stared on in disbelief

That Jesus would actually come to me

And help me through this grief


Jesus said He enjoys these mornings

When I sit with Him and pray

Even though I can not see Him

He is with me every day


As Jesus drank His coffee

I spoke of sorrow, loss and pain

He did not speak but His Presence there

Was healing just the same


He understood my emotions

As He wiped my tears away

He confirmed with a sympathetic smile

These feelings were OK


I said I feared my broken heart

Would never heal completely

Because the loss I felt inside

Was in my soul so deeply


Jesus agreed the pain would subside

But never quite go away

So He would surround that pain with love

As I met with Him each day


He said that when He walked the Earth

He turned to His Father in prayer

It got Him through each moment

When His life seemed quite unfair


He encouraged me with compassion

To look for joy between the tears

There are many Blessings in my life

That will make for happy years


Jesus eyes lit up as He reminded me

Our lives will go well beyond

As He described the joy in Heaven

When all heartache will be gone


Jesus said that He would carry me

Through this aching and this loss

As His Father in Heaven had done for Him

The day He met His cross


He said this is why it is such a gift

Just talking with Him each day

It enables Him to comfort me

As I sit with Him and pray


When Jesus left my house that morning

I knew His Spirit was still there

So I refilled my cup of coffee

And continued on in prayer

Copyright © 2006 by Donna Regina Teti   Used by permission.  All rights reserved.