This Having a Hard Time Accepting Help Prayer gives us grace for the times we find ourselves in the position of having to rely on others for help as a result of health problems, life losses or challenging life situations.

Having a Hard Time Accepting Help Prayer

Dear Lord, I’m in a situation where I need help but I’m finding it almost impossible to accept that help. I’ve always considered myself strong, independent, and self-sufficient, and it hurts me deeply to admit that now I’m not. My self-esteem has taken a huge blow. I know people mean well, but their eager assistance makes me feel weak.

Reassure me, Lord, that everyone needs help from time to time. There’s no shame in letting people who love you reach out in support. Why is it so easy for me to accept Your help with my life but hard to let others aid and comfort me? These friends and family members are Your children too, reflecting the love You demonstrate.

One of my favorite things to do is helping someone in need. Remind me, dear God, that by refusing help, I am depriving others of the joy I derive from helping. Help me be gracious, Lord. Allow me to fully experience the loving kindness of those who care about me and to offer genuine thanks to them for their efforts.


About this Having a Hard Time Accepting Help Prayer

 I knew I shouldn’t have hopped on my bike after the rain, but I was determined to get my ride in before dark. I was speeding along, almost done, when I hit a mud slick and landed with a splat on the concrete, bleeding and tangled in my bike. The Emergency Room doctor diagnosed fractured ribs, collar bone and shoulder blade. My whole left side was a mess.

“Don’t tell anyone,” I cautioned my husband Jeff. I was embarrassed about my fall, and I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me or worse, try to help. Somehow the word got out and casseroles and pots of soup started arriving. A friend bought groceries for us and my daughter came and did the laundry. Jeff fielded texts and calls from people wanting to know how they could help.

With every kindness, I felt worse about myself. Where was the independence I so treasured? Jeff had to help me dress and shower. I couldn’t even bend down to feed my cats. Would I be dependent forever? I felt SO sorry for myself. But in the middle of my pity party, it occurred to me that my friends and family were reacting exactly as I would have if someone I knew had been in an accident. I loved to help! How could I deprive these good people of that joy? I decided then and there that I needed to change my attitude about accepting help. From then on, I welcomed each tuna casserole and Jello salad. And made a list for my thank-you notes.

My friends and family were heeding the advice found in Hebrews 13:16. “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” God was surely pleased with the kind people who reached out to me. Before long, I’d be back in action and ready to help someone else.

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