Location Name
Guido Gardens, Metter, Georgia

Street Address
608 N. Lewis St., Metter, GA 30439


Type of Prayer Place

Guido Gardens is small gem of a southern garden created to inspire faith and contemplation on the Scriptures and the life of Christ. At the heart of the garden is an amazing glass chapel with views of the garden and of a statue of a Biblical sower planting seeds. Adding to the charm of the garden are a series of fountains and man-made streams and ponds with ample benches and places to sit and meditate. There are also statues in the garden, notably a life size statue of Christ with his arms outstretched in blessing and welcome. There are also Bible verses carved on stone tablets throughout the garden, plus a small enclosure that represents the empty tomb after the resurrection of Christ. In this spot there is a recorded narration of the events of the resurrection.

capture-metter-3How I used this place of prayer
We were driving from Atlanta to Hilton Head on I-16 and we stopped here for a few moments of refreshment of body and spirit before continuing our car trip. I especially enjoyed sitting in the chapel as the sun began to set behind the statue of the sower. The whole garden put me in a very meditative, prayerful state and it was a delight to wander through to see what other delightful settings had been created around each bend of the sidewalk.

Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year

Contact Information / Sponsoring Organization
The Guido Evangelistic Association; Sowerministiries.org 912-685-2222; lcguido@sowerministries.org es

capture-metter-4Personal Tips
Metter is a charming small town. From Interstate 16 proceed through town on Lewis Street. You will see some small white buildings on your right just outside of the business district that are the Sower Ministries buildings. There is a public restroom here that was open in the evening when we visited. The sidewalks are all very even and it is easy walking. The entire gardens aren’t that big – you could probably walk through them all in about 15 minutes. However the object of being there is not to rush through but to rather take your time and enjoy a few moments of peace and contemplation. During Christmas the gardens are lighted with special decorations from 6-9 nightly. We went in the early evening afternoon on a September day and the gardens were so pleasant. We were the only visitors and had the gardens to ourselves, which added to the feeling of sanctuary and peace.

Added by Karen Barber on October 4, 2013