This grieving the death of an adult brother or an adult sister prayer can help you through your feelings of loss.  Grief specialists tell us that grieving for an adult sibling is one of the loneliest types of mourning because others often don’t realize the depth of your loss.  Here is a prayer to help you receive God’s help with your grief. 

Grieving the Death of an Adult Brother or an Adult Sister Prayer

Dear Lord, my adult sibling has died. I am shocked and heartbroken. How could this have happened? Never would I have expected my sibling to die in my lifetime. We were both grownups, with families of our own. We didn’t see or talk to each other often, but I knew they were there, an integral piece of the framework that made up our immediate family. How can that piece be missing?

My sibling knew me from the beginning, sharing my childhood memories from a child’s point of view.  Who can I ask now, “Do you remember back when we were kids …?” I’ve been looking through photographs of our family from my childhood. The pictures make me smile through my tears. Those were good years, filled with happy memories.

Lord, I need your help in dealing with this terrible empty feeling. Please remind me that my sibling is in heaven with other loved ones, whole and well, without worries or pain. I believe I will see them again and what a joyous reunion that will be! But until that day, help me to reach out to my sibling’s family. To share memories and stories of their beloved with them. To draw closer to them, as the person who knew their beloved best in the early years. Show me that doing so will help me heal from this loss. I will keep my sibling’s memory alive and honor them by being kind to others who are grieving. Help me to remember to keep my eyes on You, Lord, because You provide the greatest comfort.


About this Grieving the Death of an Adult Brother or an Adult Sister Prayer

My brother and I had so much fun growing up together. We both loved to go fishing and when Dad took us out on the water, we vied to see who could catch the biggest fish. My friends liked to tease my brother and he delighted in pestering us. A typical little brother.

We looked forward to seeing each other at our parents’ house during holidays after we’d left home and gone our separate ways. I still remember the bone-crushing hugs he gave me when we saw each other. No one gave better hugs! My brother had struggles in his adult life and I helped him financially and by lending an ear and a shoulder to cry on. Mostly, I prayed for him.

My brother’s death not only takes away my connection to our past, but it reminds me that I’m getting older. He was my younger brother. Why am I still alive when he is not? His loss forces me to face my own mortality, something I don’t want to do.

My grief is overwhelming. I avoid facing the reality of my brother’s death. I feel broken and lost. Yet I am just a sister. He left behind a family that mourns his death deeply. When friends offer condolences, they ask “How is his family doing?” I guess I’m not his “immediate” family anymore, but I still hurt.

Having experienced loss before, I know that with time, these painful memories will fade, and more pleasant ones will replace them. My brother would not want his death to cause long-lasting sadness in my life. When I can, I will look at old family pictures. I will remember his laugh. I will anticipate that big hug he’ll give me when I see him again.

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