Grandma, I need Your Prayers by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock

Prayer Category

Published by Zondervan

The subtitle of this book is “Blessing Your Grandchildren through the Power of Prayer.”

This book empowers grandmothers in particular to not only be a part of their grand children’s lives but to also be a special intercessor for these precious children and their families. Subjects include praying for spiritual growth, praying for homes and families, friends and schooling, protection and good health. They also talk about praying for hurting grandchildren and for families broken by death or divorce. Just as necessary for our times, it includes a chapter on praying for adopted grandchildren and step grandchildren. For the older grandchildren, there are chapters on praying for prodigal grandchildren and praying for choices and turning points. Also, they advise us how to pray when grandparents must take on the role of parent or co-parent.

As an interesting side note, the authors tell a story from the life of Dick Eastman whose book Living and Praying in Jesus’ Name is also listed on this site. When his first grandchild was born the baby was breech and was delivered by emergency cesarean section. Dick was out of town praying and fasting and when he returned he prayed a two hour prayer using all of the names and attributes of the Lord from His book to bless the baby. The baby kept his eyes opened and didn’t give a whimper during the entire two hours.

Review: I received this book as a gift before I became a grandmother and today I treasure the advice and empowerment the book brings to me in my role of being a significant prayer support to my two year old granddaughter. A great gift for any grandmother.

Added by Karen Barber on July 5, 2011