God Answers Prayers Military Edition by Allison Bottke

Prayer Category
intercession and inspiration

Published by Harvest House

This book is an anthology of true stories from a wide variety of authors who have been in the military or who have friends and family members for whom they have prayed serving our country in the armed services. Story groupings include “In the Presence of Mine Enemies,” ” Lessons learned and Lives Changed,” “Finding God’s Way Along the Military Path,” “When God Says to Pray,” “A Greater Sacrifice,” “Saved from Danger,” “Family Ties” and “Life Changes.” At the end it gives bios of the various authors and also a two page “Ten Tips on How to Pray.” The text also has black and white photos of our soldiers, which enhances the feel of eye witness accounts.

Added by Karen Barber on July 5, 2011

Review: I was given this book when our son, Chris was deployed to Iraq. It was extremely comforting to know that God listens to our prayers and can be with our special soldiers in faraway places while events are unfolding that we don’t know about.