The best Father’s Day gift is free  – offering Father’s Day prayers of thankfulness for the many roles our fathers have played and continue to play in our lives.  This Father’s Day prayer can be used as a group prayer or as a prayer at a church service or as a personal prayer of meditation and thanksgiving.

This Father’s Day prayer is designed as guided prayer you can make your own by completing the thoughts where there is a blank.  In a church service or prayer group, a short period of silent meditation may be used to allow group members to silently personalize the prayer.  This Father’s Day  Prayer  can also be used as a template for a written prayer to your father or someone who has acted as a father in your life by filling in the blanks with specific things about them that apply to each statement.

Father’s Day Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, we offer our Father’s Day prayer to You with deep and eternal gratitude for our fathers here on earth and for those who have acted as fathers in our lives.  They have played so many crucial roles in our lives.  Today we offer our prayers of thanksgiving as we mediate on the big and little ways that they have been the following for us:








Role Model____________________




Spiritual guide__________________

Boundary setter_________________

Now we ask You to be with our fathers as we pray that Your Holy Spirit will continue to guide and strengthen them in these ways________________________________

We pray that You will give them patience and trust in these things_______________

We pray that You will provide for them these graces and provisions______________

And we pray that we will know how to express our love and appreciation to them in ways that mean the most to them___________________________________________

In the name of Your beloved Son Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen.

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