13 Sentences to Help Connect Powerfully with God for the First Time Today

Why Pray?

Fast Track Principle # 1: We all face life situations beyond our control.  God is listening and wants to take an active role in our lives.  Prayer in its simplest form is the act of getting in touch with God, which is the most rewarding spiritual journey imaginable.

Does It Matter to Whom We Pray?

Fast Track Principle # 2: The way we pray is influenced by our ideas about who God is.  To advance in prayer beyond a simple cry for help, we need to know the basics about God’s character.  Our concepts of God matter greatly because they affect our methods of prayer and the results.

To What Kind of a God Do Christians Pray?

Fast Track Principle #3: Christians pray to a very personal God in the persons of God the Creator, Jesus the Son of God and the Holy Spirit.  Having walked the earth as one of us, Jesus understands our natures, personalities and problems completely.  Through His saving power, He intercedes on our behalf.

How Do Christians Pray?

Fast Track Principle # 4: Christians pray in a variety of ways based on the principles taught in the Bible, those practiced by Jesus and those which are inspired through the help of the Holy Spirit.

How Does God Answer Prayer?

Fast Track Principle # 5: The more we learn about God, the more readily we begin to see His responses to our prayers.  Although every prayer isn’t immediately answered by a positive change of events, God always responds.  Even when circumstances don’t change for the better, God responds to our prayers through the power of His loving relationship with us by being present with us and helping and guiding us in our times of need

How Do We Learn to Pray More Effectively?

Fast Track Principle # 6: Although prayer is so simple that even young children can pray easily, prayer is also an art that improves through daily practice, knowledge of the Scriptures, a seeking heart, through the help of the Holy Spirit and via finding effective ways and means of bringing us away from the distractions of the world and into God’s presence.