This prayer poem helps us express our wonder at the deep feelings of love and connection God creates in our hearts with our children, a love that we really never comprehended until becoming a parent.  This was written by Tracy Groover when her son Joey was less than a year old as she meditated on the great mystery of how we never knew our hearts  needed completing until God gave us the gift of a parent’s unending love for our child.

~ Completion ~

 I look at you in total amazement

attempting to fathom you are part of me

so humbled by this miracle

only God could have made this masterpiece


I see my own fulfillment

in your eyes, so true,

realizing this life of mine

extends on through you


I hold you in my arms

completely secure and safe-

finding pure joy in a simple grin

laughter at a silly face.


you take my hand-

in that instant, serene,

I feel the bond I never understood-

the love that radiates between…


you awake in the darkness

I am there to calm the fright

I stay to watch you sleep

and lose track of another night…


I never before could comprehend

a love so unconditional and true-

my heart exists outside of me…

carried on in you…


Copyright Tracy Groover 2007.  All rights reserved.