Location Name
Church of the Beatitudes, Israel

Street Address
Mt. Eremos above Tabcha, Galilee


Type of Prayer Place

This chapel is located on a small mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee and is traditionally thought of as the location where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount which included the Beatitudes that being with “Blessed are…” (See Matthew 5-7 and Luke 6) The chapel is built in the round so that many may kneel around the central altar area and it has columned porches overlooking the Sea of Galilee and beautiful gardens.

How I used this place of prayer
I was with a large tour group and there were a number of bus loads of visitors. Many of the guides took their groups aside on the grounds to read the Beatitudes from the Bible. It was interesting to see and hear this passage being read in a variety of languages with different groups. Inside the church the simple round altar area invited kneeling and contemplation unlike other churches which seemed designed more for services than prayer and meditation. While kneeling you can look up at the dome and read the Beatitudes written on stained glass windows above. I was also very pleased that the gardens and grounds lent themselves to finding a quiet spot on a rock or a bench to meditate on what it must have been like to sit on the hillside and listen to the teachings of our Lord. It was so refreshing to be in a place that emphasized the amazing teachings of Christ and to imagine yourself at his feet listening.

capture-sermon-on-m-3Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
8:30-12; 2:30-5:00; closes at 4 in winter

Personal Tips
Find a spot away from the crowds to spend a moment in quiet meditation.

Added by Karen Barber on October 25, 2011