Father, we thank you that at the very center of the Christmas season is Your relationship with us as our Loving Father.  Often we don’t really understand the unlimited nature  of Your love until we have children of our own.  Finally we realize the mysterious feeling of devoted love that parents have for their children, a love that will sacrifice our own desires for our great desire to see our children thrive and grow in the knowledge that they are special and loved.

We thank you for Joseph and Mary who took seriously their roles as earthly parents for your Son Jesus.  Help us follow the example they set by  doing all that they could to rear Jesus in the faith, starting with their presentation of Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem as an infant as told in Luke 2:22.  We not only pray for ourselves, but also for all parents who work hard to do what is necessary for their families.  May they be strengthened by the support of communities of faith, by your promises in the Bible and by a life of trust and prayer.  Thank you that your love came down at Christmas and because of your love, our world will never be the same.  Amen.

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