Do you have the best cell phone plan for your prayer time?   Here is a free cell phone prayer that will help you put yourself and your phone into prayer mode and to overcome FOMO, or the fear of missing out if you don’t look at all texts, updates,emails and messages the instant you get them. Start with this prayer when you want to take time to disconnect with the world so you can connect with God in prayer.

Cell Phone Plan for Prayer Mode

Dear Father,

I am silencing my cell phone to silence the messages the busy world wants to send me.  I am doing this in order to create listening, praying and meditating space in my mind and heart for you.  Please help me overcome my fear of missing out on something.  Fill me with the wisdom that everything else in my life  can wait for a few moments while I spend quality time with You.  I place all calls, messages, texts, emails and updates in your keeping for the next ____________ (specific length of time.)  Amen.

Practical Suggestions on Avoiding Cell Phone Distractions During Prayer:

1.  Leave your cell phone in your car.  One woman shared that when she parks at church, she intentionally leaves her cell phone locked in her car.  She says, “People can wait, God can not!”

2.  Use a cell phone sleeping bag.  I saw this idea on the Internet where someone has invented a small cloth bag that you can slip your cell phone into when you have decided to “unplug.”

3.  Create a “sabbath box.”  I read this idea in a book.  At a religious retreat they had a special box where you could put away things that might distract you during meditation.   You could establish a sabbath box at home in your prayer area and use it to store your cell phone, computer etc. while you are meditating.

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