“Blessings” by Laura Story

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This song is the lead song on her CD and in it Laura begins by saying, “We pray for blessings… and then lists the typical ones we might ask for including peace, protection, healing and prosperity. However the song then causes us to think about the “what if” side of prayer answers. “What if the trials of this life are blessings in disguise?” she sings. There is a video on online where she talks about the personal meaning of this song at

Available on her album, in download and on sheet music.

Also available is a video and group study guide to explore the topic of when our prayers aren’t answered in the way we had hoped.

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When you listen to Laura’s song it causes you to meditate on your own prayers and how you view answers. In watching her online video telling why she wrote this song I gained a deeper insight. She shared that a situation with her husband’s health where they were praying for healing caused her to “redefine” what the word blessings means. She had always thought of it as good things we have. But her husband’s situation caused her to pose this question, “Could God be blessing us through not giving us what we ask for?” As I read further online, I saw that there are many people who disagree that you can use the word “blessings” to cover negative, difficult issues in life. However I agree with Laura that when you pray and trust God, there can be blessings in disguise when things don’t work out the way you had hoped. This is a beautiful song that will help you have a conversation with God bout the deep questions you have about situations in your life.  Reviewed by Karen Barber
Added by Karen Barber on August 12, 2011