A great outdoor prayer walk is found at Birminigham United Methodist Church in Milton, GA.  This church actually has several different areas in which to enjoy an outdoor prayer walk.  The church is set on over 60 acres of natural beauty that lends itself to outdoor prayer and contemplation.

The Outdoor Prayer Walk to the cross. 

When entering the church driveway  on the left you will notice a gravel trail leading to a large wooden cross in a field on a hill.  The cross is simply made and more than ten feet tall and towers over you.  I often stop by here and do a short prayer walk up the cross and stand for a few moments of meditation. Because of the field, there is an expansive view of the sky here and I have nicknamed this spot the “eagle’s wings” cross because I often seen hawks high in the sky circling on updrafts.
If you follow this gravel trail along the top of the hill you will also come to a circle of benches that form an outdoor chapel.

The Outdoor Prayer Walk in the memorial garden.  

When you enter the driveway to the church, on the right side of the road you will see an informal memory garden.  Here a short path leads to a concrete bench and a birdbath.

The forest outdoor prayer walk. 

As you’re facing the church on the left hand side where the woods begin you will see a mailbox on the edge of the woods.  This marks the beginning of an intentional outdoor prayer walk.  Inside the mailbox you will find cards with Bible verses on them that you can carry with you for meditation as you pray.  You will also find benches and small crosses along the path where you can stop for contemplation.

Use the back meadow as an outdoor prayer walk

To reach the back meadow walk, you will find a dirt/gravel road at the end of the parking lot where the forest prayer walk is located.  You will go around a gate across the road that welcomes guests and visitors to enjoy walking the property.  This will take you along a small creek and bring you to a rolling meadow.  If you follow the road to the end, you will find yet another outdoor chapel made up of benches in a circle.  It’s an amazing area to sit in the quiet and beauty of nature and contemplate God’s nearness and beauty.

capture-milton-3The healing prayer service in the church sanctuary

In addition to the outdoor prayer walks, I also very much enjoy going to the healing prayer service and sitting in the beautiful sanctuary with music playing, gazing at the stained glass window of Christ with the disciples at the Sea of Galilee. It is truly a place where you can feel God’s love, comfort, presence and peace.

Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
Grounds are always open. The healing prayer service is on the first Thursday night of the month from 7-8:30 PM

In addition they are also offering a healing prayer service on the first Thursday of every month to which everyone is invited. During this service, the beautiful Craftsman style sanctuary is open for “soaking prayer” if you wish to simply sit and soak in God’s presence. In addition, you may elect to request prayer with a small prayer team who will pray for your specific healing needs or for the needs of someone you love.

capture-milton-4Contact Information / Sponsoring Organization
Birmingham United Methodist http://birminghamumc.org/ 678-942-1600

The church is very near the intersection of Birmingham Rd. and Birmingham Highway. IF you are coming north on Birmingham Rd., you can turn left after an historic church that was the original church building and then follow the signs to the sanctuary area where you will find the cross on the hill and the forest mediation walk.

Location Name
Birmingham United Methodist Church, Milton, GA

Street Address
15770 Birmingham Highway, Milton, GA 30004

Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements

Grounds are open during daylight. The healing prayer service is on the first Thursday night of the month from 7-8:30 PM

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