Here is a back to school prayer that can be used as a prayer at the beginning of a school year by parents, teachers, small groups, or in church setting.

Back to School Prayer

Dear Divine Teacher,

At the beginning of this new school year we thank you for blessing us with the ability to learn, progress and grow.

We thank you for providing schools, teachers and school administrators so our children will have the opportunity to reach new levels of understanding and knowledge.

May each classroom be free from disruptions, distractions and from anything that is detrimental to learning, concentration or personal well being.

Fill each classroom with the joy of discovery, praise for every good and honest effort to master each lesson and words of encouragement to try again on difficult subjects.

Free our students from the stress of perfectionism.  Give them the wisdom to ask for help when they need it.

Draw their hearts and minds to their own special subject area that in the future will lead into something useful for the good of our world.

Help them to make new and lasting friendships, and teach them compassion, patience and how to get along with others.

Thank you for calling our teachers and school administrators into their profession.  Help them receive joy from their work.

Reward them by seeing the steady progress made by their students.  Give them the time, energy, materials, training and health to do their job well.

Grant them the wisdom and support needed to deal fairly and effectively with discipline problems.

Keep the lines of communication open between home and school and fill the parents with a spirit of helpful cooperation when issues arise.

Please be with the parents of our students.  Help them to create home atmospheres where children have the rest, nutrition, structure, love and encouragement they need.

Give the parents a deep interest in their child’s well being and help them to teach their children how to consistently live out at school the moral and faith values learned at home.

We thank you for the promise and excitement that comes with a new school year.  Thank you that You make all things new and You give us fresh starts in life.

May Your love and grace fill all students, teachers and parents today and always.  Amen.

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