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A Prayer for Order When You Need to Know How to Manage Change

Does your life situation cause you to wonder, “How do I change the way I manage change and how can I relieve the stress caused by the way disruptive things like disease, family problems and job issues disorganize my life?”  Here’s a powerful  prayer for order using Bible verses written by inspirational writer, registered nurse…

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All I Need is a Miracle Prayer

How do you pray for a miracle?  Here is a prayer for you to guide you on how to offer your prayers to God for a miracle from inspirational writer Kathy Melville who is a miracle cancer survivor. Why I Pray for Miracles Have you ever needed a miracle?  I am sure we all have.…

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Prayer for Healing

This prayer for healing was composed and used by Kathy Melville when she needed a cancer healing prayer while undergoing chemotherapy.  It can be used as a prayer for cancer patients, a prayer for those suffering chronic illness, a prayer for those undergoing long recovery periods or can be used as a healing service prayer…

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