Are you reluctant to approach God in prayer with your daily personal problems and needs? Gain new confidence to knock on God’s door in this devotional – and hear the smile in God’s voice as He welcomes you in.

Knock Knock

knock knock’

‘who’s there?’

“it’s me, Judi,

can I come in?”

“you can, and you may”

(there’s a smile in HIS voice)

the door is massive

but it opens easily.

HE is already walking down

from HIS throne toward me.

and HE greets me with a hug.

(when GOD hugs you,

you know you’ve been hugged)

“come sit over here in the comfy

seats”, HE says, and sits close

enough to hear every word:

“now, tell me about ‘that

thing’ that is bothering you”.

HE’s “Red Sea”, “Walls of Jericho”-capable!

but I spit out ‘headache’.

HE understands.

but I cringe.  HE recognizes my

embarrassment and says:

“my dear little Judi, nothing is too small.

‘that thing’ that bothers you, bothers me.

because I love you so”

when you begin to realize the capacity

of the love of GOD, you position yourself

for expectation.

“But I will sing of your strength,

in the morning I will sing of your love;

for you are my fortress,

my refuge in times of trouble.”  Psalm 59:16 NIV

Whatever ‘that thing’ is for you

bring it to GOD.  Knock on HIS mighty

door and expect an answer. Always.

He works on hangnails and floods.