“Appendix C” album by Andrew Peterson

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Andrew Peterson is by far my favorite musical artist. His music draws me closer to Christ and inspires me through difficult times in my life. He is truly an incredibly gifted writer and musician. I have followed him since hearing him in concert in Dallas in 1999. He is a tremendous poet who can paint an incredible picture with h is words and his musical ability. I am draw into his story which always reflects where he is at and where he has been. I feel like I know Andrew although I have never met him but have gone along his journey of faith over these last 10 years as I have ever one of his albums over that time. I love live music and this album re-enforces that enjoyment as i feel I am there in concert with his fans. It is not “canned” and there is a movement toward God and in praise toward Him.


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Review: “The Good Confession (Live)” is a very powerful testimony to what Andrew Peterson believes and clings to since he was a 9 year old boy. I too cling to this testimony and as I sing this song with him, I affirm my confession of faith everytime I sing this song. it moves me to go forward in faith and strength in my walk with Christ. I love it!  Reviewed by LoveBeingaDad1974

Review: I think this is a great album. I like “The Reckoning” because we can all relate to being both drawn to the power of God we see in violent storms and also feeling afraid in the presence of such overwhelming power.  Reviewed by Karen Barber

Added by LoveBeingaDad1974 on June 9, 2011