Final exams are extremely stressful and everyone can use God’s help.  Here’s a prayer that you can make your own during finals to ask God for His help.  Use it yourself or pass it on to someone who needs it.

My Prayer During Final Exams

God, thanks for the giving me the ability to learn and for this opportunity of getting an education.  Right now during final exam time I especially need your help. Here are the exams that are worrying me most ___________

Help me to be able to grasp the material and to find the help I need as I study.

Help me overcome __________  that’s keeping me from concentrating like I want to on my studies.

I’m worried about other parts of my life right now like ___________________________.  Please help me leave these problems in your hands during finals.

I’m also stressed out about all the other stuff I’m trying to do at the same time.  Here’s the stuff that seems to be taking away time from my studies ______________________.  Show me how to let the unimportant things wait till I’m done with exams.   I also have problems getting sidetracked and doing stuff that I want to instead of studying.  Especially help me not spend too much time doing _____________________ during finals.

When I get stressed out, sometimes I don’t handle it too well.  I need your help so I won’t blow off steam by  _____________________________.  Instead show me good healthy ways of taking a break and de-stressing.

I guess I feel a little funny praying hard during finals because I sometimes forget to pray when things are going great.  I guess the important things is that I’m praying now because I believe you’re there and I believe you care about me.  And when I make it through finals, help me to remember to thank you for being there and for listening to my prayers.   Amen.

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