Taking Dictation by Dianne C. Polome

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Taking Dictation – Collected prayers and reflections by Dianne C. Polome is a wonderful collection of poetic prayers that can help us express our deepest joys and concerns to God. Dianne says, “Althought these words are mine, I view this collection as a collaborative experience, as many of these reflections and prayers surfaced as the result of deep and beautiful conversation with others…My prayer is that you will read them, not as an observer, but a participant.” The poetic prayer and meditations are divided into the following sections: “Inspired by the Psalms,” “Inspired by Scripture,” “Random Prayers and Reflections,” “Reflections on Life and Relationships,” Reflections on Art and Nature.”


It’s hard for me to pick out a favorite poem to share with you as an example. Here’s one that really helped me today:

Dark Places

hold me down in the dark places,
I want to run away.
make me look at things I haven’t seen in ages,
things from which I hide,
old things, things that need to go,
things I didn’t realize were there,
things that hold me back, trip me up,
stumble me.
I cannot face the light
until I’ve spent time in the shadows,
hold me down in the dark place
until I see your face.

This is a wonderful book for all to help bring new insight into life and God’s presence.

Reviewed by Karen Barber
Added by Karen Barber on January 22, 2014