About Prayer Ideas

Helping You Go Deep and Grow Strong

Our Mission

Providing information, inspiration, resources and support to help you grow strong in life by going deeper in your relationship with God through prayer.

How We Do It

User Generated Content:

Prayerideas runs on user-generated content collected through powerful Review App software that allows anyone, anywhere to easily share resources and ideas that have helped their prayer lives become a more powerful force in their day-to-day lives.

All Aspects of Prayer:

We cover it all – meditation, praying on the go, praying for long term problems, historical prayers, new avenues of expressing yourself in prayer such as art and postures, praying for specific needs, prayers for special occasions.  It’s a huge undertaking since prayer touches every aspect of human life.  That’s why we invite everyone to share their wisdom.

All Denominations:

Our  knowledge base content comes from all branches of the  Christian church including the Liturgical, Evangelical and Charismatic traditions. They come from those who have actually used the prayer practices they tell about, which gives us a valuable opportunity to learn from each other!


When you visit our site, you don’t need to join or to pay to find the information you need.  You don’t have to order a book or have a subscription.  We are an outreach of the non profit ministry Prayer Igniters International and this website is supported by donors.  To learn more about our organization go to www.prayerigniters.org

Quality Assured:

All articles, resource reviews and places of prayer are cleared by our site administrators before they go online to make sure they are appropriate and are within the realm of Biblical Christianity.

Why We Do It

Nearly Everyone Prays.

You’re probably not aware of all of the prayer that’s going on around you every day.  A recent newspaper poll revealed that nearly 95% of all Americans pray.

Private, Personal Prayer is the Trend of the 21st Century.

Another poll found that private, personal prayer is the number one daily religious practice in our country.  With so much prayer going on in private, we are short on prayer role models and mentors.  On our site, you’ll get a glimpse into the prayer lives of others and you’ll learn how prayer works in real life situations.

Quality Prayer Time is Elusive.

Although most of us are praying daily, we often fight a losing battle to stay focused.  Today’s digital age adds distractions that make prayer harder.  We’re always plugged in and we get sidetracked from meditation.  And because we’re so socially networked, we find out about the problems of tons of people.  We can get prayer request fatigue trying to pray for everyone.

Life throws us challenges.

Even when we’ve developed a good prayer lifestyle, a crisis period can send us into a tailspin.  Or we can get so busy that prayer takes a back burner.  All of us, no matter how long we’ve been praying, go through prayer dry spells.  We need fresh new ideas to get us back on track.

Who We Are


is an outreach of Prayer Igniters International.  We are non denominational, meaning that we welcome content from those in all branches of the Christian church and have not been founded by any single church denomination.  We are a 501(c )(3) non profit organization whose mission is to encourage and increase Christian prayer so that many may come into a closer relationship with Jesus through the help of the Holy Spirit.

The name Prayer Igniters describes prayer leaders and those with hearts for prayer who want to help others experience more joy and power in prayer.  We are a lay organization under the advisement of clergy from various denominations.

Our core values. We are first and foremost Christian, meaning we emphasis the Lordship and leadership of Jesus as our supreme example and teacher on prayer.  As Christians, we rely on the Bible to help us learn about and evaluate prayer practices.  You’ll notice that in our “How to Pray” section we ask our authors to include Scriptures that back up their ideas.  We do this so that our users can decide for themselves whether they feel comfortable trying a specific prayer method.

We are also prayerful and teachable. We’re constantly learning ourselves about prayer and faith daily.   We are focused and do not become involved in political issues concerning prayer.  We are inclusive of all denominations and respectful of every Christian denomination concerning their specific prayer traditions.

We also believe very strongly that Christians need to be involved in a local church to continue to grow and thrive in their faith.  Our intent is that our online ministry will enhance local churches and bring those outside of the fellowship of a local church into the kind of corporate connection for worship, service, encouragement and teaching only available through Christ’s Church.

Those We Serve through Prayer Ideas are those who want to know more about prayer.  They are not limited by geographical boundary or age.  Because we are an online we understand that we have a great potential to reach the younger generations to whom using digital technology is a way of life.

Our Article and Review Contributors are from all walks of life and are all ages.  We especially seek those able to write clear, short how-to articles on prayer that come from what they’ve learned and found useful in their own life journey.  Many of our writers are authors and speakers, and some are in full time Christian ministry.

The current editor of the How to Pray and Praying for Needs is Karen Barber, who has been writing professionally for twenty years.  Karen is a Contributing Editor with Guideposts  Magazine, the author of Surprised by Prayer and the creator of the Personal Prayer Power video study series.

You can learn more about our Articles Editors who contribute to our anthology of prayer ideas under the How to Pray and Praying for Needs headings by reading the brief bios at the end of their articles.

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