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Prayers for a church nursery

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Prayers for a church nursery

Postby LoveBeingaDad1974 » Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:36 pm

Please read Psalm 127:3, Proverbs 22:6, Matthew 18:1-6, Mark 10:13-16
Children are precious in God’s sight. They are innocent and are so dependent on adults, analogous to how we must be dependent upon God. Please urgently pray for our precious children. When these children are dedicated during the service by the pastor, we as a church agree to help in the raising of these children. That means you and me! Some suggestions to pray for a church nursery:
1) Pray for their protection; emotionally, spiritually and physically. So many children in America are increasingly being sexually molested and physically abused. If national statistics are true, some children in our ministry may have been molested and abused. Please pray that these children will be safe and their innocence will be protected. Please pray for healing for those who may have been abused.
2) Please pray for the families that these children are in. Pray that their parents will stay together. Pray that they will receive healthy love from both their father and mother. Pray that their parents will be godly models for them and their home will be a place they can grow in Christ.
3) Pray for more workers to help with childcare. Pray for discernment and compassion on behalf of the workers as they hold and care for these little ones.
4) Pray for their health. Pray they will grow strong and healthy. Pray their parents will be wise in feeding them and providing nutritious meals for them.
5) Pray for them to come to Christ when they grow older. Pray that they will come to a true knowledge of Him at an early age so they won’t have to struggle through life without Him. Pray that they will grow up seeking Him with all of their heart.
6) Pray for any of the children you know by name. Pray for anything that is laid on your heart for them.
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